The search for the perfect product?


So, I’m old (as I’ve stated), and I’ve worked in IT for a long time now (also as I stated), and the number of IT products that have crossed my desk, in depth or briefly, has to number in the thousands.  Products for small business, products for enterprises.  Software, hardware and various combinations of both.

Maybe it is just my memory, but I’m not sure if I’ve ever encountered what I’d call the “perfect” product.  Perhaps it is a nature of the beast – information technology doesn’t have the equivalent of a craftsman wrench.  Perhaps it is a sales thing – you can’t make 1.0 perfect, because you won’t sell any 2.0.

And perhaps it is because we have an insatiable desire for more, more more.  Oh, the wifi point needs a,b,g,n.  And vlans for guests.  And hotel-style authentication.  And AD integration.  A map overlay and cloud management would be nice.  PoE of course.  And radio-firmware upgradeable for when the next 802.11 standard comes out.

A few products come to mind that really push right up against perfect.  The Cisco 2500 series routers, but not for today’s bandwidth.  Shoretel phones would be perfect if the client software team wasn’t always 2-3 years behind OS releases.  Thoughtfarmer, IMHO, is a near-perfect Intranet, but that will vary based on a firm’s needs.

Is this a Quixotic chase?  In our business, does the “perfect” product exist?  If you know of one, *please* speak up.