A capital makes All the difference.


Hi, and welcome to the Flying Buttress blog.  We’ll be regularly posting on topics relating to technology in Architecture.

As a company with one foot in tech, and one in Architecture, one of the recurring frustrations we hear on the design side is the dilution of the word “Architect”.

No easy task – having to spend at least 5 years (and countless thousands of dollars) in college, taking an entry-level position and grinding out billable hours – then passing your NCARBs,  – NOW you get to put Architect by your name.  And some greasy-haired kid on the bus seat next to you says, “hey, I’m an Architect too – a Software Architect”.

Everyone’s an Architect these days.  Solutions Architect.  Infrastructure Architect. Customer Experience Architect.  The title has been stolen; absconded for it’s value – the very value that you’ve helped create.  There is a prestige to the word Architect; the irony is that prestige was generated by those from whom the word is being stolen.

And there are real-world headaches created by this theft, too; do a search on Monster.com for “Architect” and you’ll get 1902 jobs.  Do a search for “Architect” and set the industry to “Architectural and Design” and those 1902 jobs become 50.

So what to do?  There’s no closing Pandora’s box.  So Flying Buttress is recommending this:  if you’re a “real” Architect – you get the capital A.  Any other title/job function/etc – cannot use a capitalized A.  So you can be a Software architect, or a Customer Experience architect, but the A designates a true Architect.

This won’t help much with job searches until the engines become case-sensitive, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Does anyone know of any other professions or titles/designations where the capitalization is significant?

Spread the word.  “A” is for Architects. “a” is for architects.